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Brand History

Versioning The Classic

For you MOST REAL Self

Sandra Vieira was born in Madeira and grew up in South American lands. Since childhood she kept a dream, with a purpose, to create fashion.


To make this goal a reality, in 2007 she left for the distant Australian continent, to attend one of the 20 best schools in the world: the Applied Fashion Design and Technology Institute TAFE NSW located in Sydney, where she lived for several years, the first as a worker / student.


Included in the enrichment of her training in the world of fashion as a concept and as an industry, she added all possible tools, she wanted to know and feel fashion not only as a future designer, but also as a paserelle model.

In 2013, she returns to the Pearl of the Atlantic as a fashion designer, bringing in her luggage a whirlwind of sensations: the personal satisfaction of a job achieved, learning, lived experiences, immensity of plans, longing and consternation of the soul afflicted by the loss of her beloved father.

That same year he presented his first collection in Funchal, but only in 2015 the homonymous brand Sandra Vieira Couture emerged.

Having as an audience the cosmopolitan, independent, confident and empowered woman, she assumes the originality of the style, with a casual / chic style, with the refinement of the sensibility of the handmade.

It stands out for its careful selection of materials, for its rigorous application of international standards of haute couture, and for its asymmetry in lines and cuts, always present, which gives it an irreverent and sensual tone.

Until the beginning of the Pandemic, the focus was to assert oneself, make oneself known, accept challenges, participate in international fashion shows, consolidate the brand with distribution in several countries.

But then the world stopped, the agendas closed, and the fashion world hibernated.


Now there was time, but it was necessary to silence the rational/mental, it was not the time to create, but to look inward.

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding.”

Hermes Trimegistus.


The omnipresent memory of the late father became an inspiration that illuminated uncertainty. The designer had in the father figure, an example of a strong, fighting, positive man, who even succumbing to a terminal illness, maintained until the end the illusion, hope and a lot of love for life. A dedicated father, he encouraged his children to fight for their dreams and was proud of his girl, the future designer, who was studying abroad. On the verge of the unfortunate end result, the father makes a request: “Before I leave, I would like to see a line of yours of men’s shirts.” Although until then, in its framing, it had not considered this alternative, the long confinement was literally a milestone, a turning point, which led the creator to change her paradigm.


A compulsion arises for the principle of correspondence, the law of cause and effect, there are no coincidences, but causalities, and what is outside has to be a reflection of what is in your soul. Like a chrysalis enclosed in a golden cocoon, from this metamorphosis emerges like a butterfly, the line Shirts for men, exclusive for special occasions: every day! The care in the selection of details and finishes, gives them a unique elegance imbued with the enthusiasm and love for life, of the late father.


Within the maturation of the creative process of the men’s shirt line, the designer decodes a new inspiration.

It maintains the essence of it, but breaks the concept, that of duality.

In his interpretation, two natures coexist simultaneously, with the same meaning. “Pour faire pendant” shirts, in male and female consonance.


Encouraged by her father’s dream, Sandra Vieira founded the brand Virgílio Sousa, which began to manufacture shirts with its own label, made in Portugal.


The Virgílio Sousa brand creates pieces linked to the emotional register of a nostalgic eternal memory.
As a Premium Prêt-a-Porter brand, it values European culture, providing a unique experience for those who appreciate the authenticity of a fragment of history, witness to a timeless legacy, translated into a modern piece.


Passionate about the art of shirt design, Sandra Vieira combines creativity in personalized women’s and men’s shirts, which generate impact by their design combined with quality. The perseverance in the care of the designer Sandra Vieira, safeguarding the binomial quality / style, combined with the savoir faire, creates a formula with the potential not only to succeed, but also to last. In moments never before experienced in the world, such as oysters that produce mother-of-pearl to relieve pain, this pearl is born: Virgílio Sousa by Sandra Vieira
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